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Welcome to Youth Climate Ecochallenge

Youth Climate Ecochallenge: A Drawdown Solutions Race connects the dots between our actions and solutions that foster climate health and human resilience. This spring, build your own sense of agency and see your environmental impact add up in real time. By focusing on high-impact actions that you can take in your own lives to conserve resources, protect the environment, and live well, Youth Climate Ecochallenge helps you amplify your leadership capacity to inspire other people to take action.

Youth Climate Ecochallenge is a solutions-oriented engagement program focused on reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The actions in the challenge connect to solutions highlighted by Drawdown, a project that maps, measures, models, and describes solutions to global warming that already exist. Participants track and share their progress in the Ecochallenge platform, earn points for taking action, and see the real-time impact of their actions. The combination of collective action, community-building, and friendly competition makes change a little easier — and a lot more fun.

Youth Climate Ecochallenge is a free program open to all youth and their supporters. Participants can join an existing team, create a new one, or join the Community team. We offer Team Captain resources, tips for success, and promotional materials to help you get your community or school involved in real climate action -- while having fun.

Through Youth Climate Ecochallenge, we are connecting the dots between our actions, our impact, and our will to create significant global change. Each time our dots are connected, we take another step forward, toward our better shared future. So here we are. Let’s begin!

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Engineers have a reputation for complicating things. But PAE likes to keep it simple: People and nature are their driving forces. PAE designs high-performing buildings that keep people comfortable, healthy, and productive inside, while restoring the natural world outside.

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The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is the chief regulatory agency of the government of the U.S. state of Oregon responsible for protecting and enhancing the state's natural resources and managing sanitary and toxic waste disposal. Youth Climate Ecochallenge is funded through Oregon DEQ’s Materials Management Grant Program.

Project Drawdown is a broad coalition of researchers, scientists, graduate students, PhDs, post-docs, policy makers, business leaders, and activists who have come together to map, measure, and model the best available solutions that can cumulatively reverse global warming within the next 30 years.

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Together, we're connecting the dots

Youth Climate Ecochallenge is powered by the Ecochallenge Platform.

The Ecochallenge Platform is a signature offering of (formerly Northwest Earth Institute), a sustainability organization that provides innovative social and digital tools designed to be a launchpad for emerging generations and sustainability leaders to experience “ah-ha” moments that lead to extraordinary environmental and social change. also hosts the global People's Ecochallenge which is free and open to everyone, everywhere. Over 105,000 people from 101 countries have used the Ecochallenge Platform and the organization has engaged over 300,000 people throughout its 26-year history. The Ecochallenge Platform can also be used to create custom Challenges that meet the engagement and action goals of your workplace, college, or community.

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